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Last Edited on 7/18/16
Violence Prevention Training
The program is set up to reduce and eventually eliminate the domestic and violent crime epidemics in the inner city neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York. The program is designed to deal with violence and criminal behavior activities that continue to plague our neighborhoods and indeed, our very existence. The training program is diverse and innovative. It is totally geared towards reducing the elements of fear, violence and criminal activities among youths, adults and their families. The training program contains multi-models:

The first being structure learning. We teach participants structure steps to handling potentially explosive situation in a positive manner.
The second model is anger control. We teach participants to recognize, identify and reduce anger with a strong emphasis on a positive solution.
The third model is moral reasoning. We assess the reasoning abilities of each participant.

We attempt to improve their abilities through an open forum for 3 weeks over a 6-month period.​ The participants are youths and young adults between ages 5-21 years. The program provides the detailed training needed, and we work aggressively with law enforcement to reduce and eventually eliminate the domestic violence and criminal activities that continue to negatively alter lives in the community.