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Last Edited on 7/18/16
Understanding Their Needs
In the inner city neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York, 60% of the youths population is obese and growing. The youths lack the knowledge to understand their nutritional needs and physical fitness level in maintaining the right balance of dietary habits and exercise is a key element to a healthy lifestyle, understanding the nutritional value of food, importance of portion size, calorie intake and daily physical activities is necessary to achieving fitness and an increased sense of their well-being. 

The goals of our physical fitness & nutrition wellness intervention for healthy youths is to reduce chronic diseases by targeting the four main risk facts: diet, physical activity levels, tobacco and alcohol use. We seek to continue to establish a comprehensive sports, health and wellness program which will address the following components of wellness: physical, social, intellectual and emotional. Our athletic and wellness coordinator collaborated with many different health and recreation departments to develop and provide the fitness and wellness program needs for our program and each participant.