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Last Edited on 7/18/16
Tutoring and Counseling
​ This component is specially designed and well-rounded to deal with the academic and behavioral problems of at-risk youths and young adults who continue to plague our neighborhoods with drugs and criminal activities. The program is one of the most powerful, diverse and innovative training program ever introduced in the Western New York area. It is a program that will work from the premise, that survival at an individual and societal level will depend on some technological and relevant skills. The residents in the inner city neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York have been without these skills for years. Our skills specialist trainers and counselors addresses the vital issues that affect youths. the issues are moral reasoning, skills building and competence. We challenge participants to confront their difficulties.

We help youths to realize that discipline can make all the difference in learning, acquiring values, getting participants to expect more of themselves, teaching them how to confront negative peer pressure and knowing the difference between what is developmentally appropriate versus irresponsible behavior. We teach structured learning anger management, prioritization and resiliency to help these youths to develop a vision for their future.