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Last Edited on 7/18/16
Employment Skills Training
This component is very challenging. It works from the premise, that as times change, technology and employment skills grow, and the world is every one's backyard. Skills specialist trainers work one-on-one with each participant 3 times per week for a 12-month period. They diagnose the youths' strengths and weaknesses. They then devise an intensive program to meet and challenge their particular needs to expand their overall skills. This component provides a structure for involvement at all levels. We practice career-related skills, interviews, resume writing, and resume positing on websites to seek internships for work experience and employment opportunities. Our board of directors, skills specialists trainers and our volunteer staff provide strong leadership.

​It consists of training in several areas. The areas are:

Information Technology
Desktop Publishing
MS Office 2000
CISCO systems
3M Network Products

We provide working knowledge of operating systems such as Windows 98, 2000 XP, Mac and the configuration of platforms intrusion detection, monitoring systems and cyber security workshops that will touch four aspects: Data encryption, password security, stenography and digital forensics.