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Last Edited on 7/18/16
STEM Education

Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education program component provides a specialized curriculum and hands-on events to give children and youths opportunities to deepen their skills and interests in STEM education and technology innovation, including STEM workshops, game design and web-making. We build on participants' interest in creating and building new technologies. Participants brainstorm and present technology projects that addresses a social need, developing their skills and experiences with technology mentors in real life professional settings. Our programs provide children and youth development for the digital age, leveraging the technologies that young people are already curious about to introduce them to skills, ideals and pathways that will enable them to become the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

​ Our skills specialist trainers provide a technology support team for the program that take on important roles that give them the chance to lead, build confidence in their ideas, and become the makes of change for the world around them. The program empowers under-served children and youths to learn, lead and create with technology, preparing them with skills essential for their academic and career success. The STEM program has been a life changing experience for many of our program participants. They feel good about their role with technology, which builds their confidence and make them more successful in school as well as in the future.

​The program seeks:

To improve the qualify of STEM learning in the inner city neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York after school and foster effective communication among children and youth, their families and teachers, administrators, informal educators and community leaders.
To develop a shared vision and set of goals for improving STEM education in the inner city community neighborhoods by creating an inclusive and respectful collaborative process that brings skills specialist trainers, teachers from classroom and informal setting, parents/guardians and community leaders together in appropriate workshops.
To develop an effective research-based leadership and STEM programs for all levels of learner, including children and youth, and also classroom teachers. We will build new STEM skill sets and grow from the personal interests and needs of the learners involved.
To document and monitor project progress, in order to refine our model and ensure that our goals are accomplished and based on a foundation of rigorous research and evaluation.

Participants ​will have an opportunity to develop and practice lifelong learning skills in real world contexts, from supportive mentors, particularly peers and adults other than parents who can provide guidance and supervision as youths practice and experiment with lifelong learning skills.