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Last Edited on 7/18/16
Financial Literacy and Investor Education
Our financial literacy component is designed to improve youths' financial knowledge and money skills. It provides youths with the fundamental knowledge of personal financial skills. The program is a web-based interactive set of learning steps that focuses on youths' financial and investor education. Our skills specialist teach the program for 6 months to cover each step of the program. Then each participant will have the opportunity to work on the program on their own time and create their own 401K plan. The financial literacy curriculum enrichment ensures that they attain basic personal financial management skills during their early years. The program is not only for youths that have no financial knowledge, it is also for those that do.

Participants can learn about personal finance and create a lifetime plan for themselves with a self-study Internet program curriculum that helps them to see how investments and credit card debt could affect their retirement years. The financial curriculum covers the 12 principles of personal financial skills that young people should know and several other areas of finance. They learn how to use credit wisely, banking intelligently, handling poor credit and what can be done about it. We teach them how to create a budget ad live within it, and how to avoid credit repair problems. They learn about open credit. We give them tips for small investors on how to invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds.