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Last Edited on 7/18/16
Entrepreneurship Skills Training
The program designed to help entrepreneurs hone the skills needed to create, manage and grow a successful business. The program initiative provides for the development of one-stop economic empowerment center to provide business training counseling, how and where to obtain financial, first-hand experience in venture capital process, and procurement opportunities for women and minorities. We provide comprehensive, real world training for aspiring entrepreneurs that have a wave of entrepreneurs' activity and a new set of major innovations designed to develop the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

The program is working to help participants further understand the phenomenon of entrepreneurship, paving the way to success for our program participants, and to advance our entrepreneurship education and training efforts. Also, promote entrepreneur-friendly policies, and to better facilitate the commercialization of new technologies by entrepreneurs and others, which have great promise for improving the economic conditions of our participants, in the inner city neighborhoods of Buffalo, New York and the welfare of our community.

From practical hands-on lessons in business development to a vast array of reliable online resources, the program prepares participants to become successful entrepreneurs. We focus on leveraging the best practices in entrepreneurial leadership and teaching. The goal is to foster a environment that allows men and women to pursue their dream of organizing and operating a business venture, creating good jobs and growing the economy and inner city community.